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2023 Newsletter Articles

| January – Present |


January 12, 2023 | Topics Include: Stalking Awareness Month, Excerpts About “Heteronormativity”, Survivors Living With Traumatic Brain Injury, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities


January 26, 2023 | Topics Include: How Schools and Educators Can Combat Human Trafficking, Accountability in Healthy Teen Relationships, The Role of Advocates in Legislative Session, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities



February 09, 2023 | Topics Include: Valentine’s Day & Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Human Trafficking & the Super Bowl, The Pandemic / Power / Control, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities

February 23, 2023 | Topics Include: Interactive Safety Planning Tools, Tattoos + Healing Trauma, A Guide for COVID Confusion, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities



March 09, 2023 | Topics Include: Sisters – not Cis-ters, “Take It Down” Services, Amazing Tools for Youth, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities

March 23, 2023 | Topics Include: The Bandana Project, Housing as a Public Health Crisis, Survivors and the Fair Housing Act, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities



The next newsletter is expected on April 06, 2023