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November 20, 2020

wooden heartsThe Shoshone County Women’s Resource Center dba Shoshone County Crisis and Resource Center was established in 1983 by caring community women who saw a need for victim advocacy in our rural county. In December 2009, Kellie Lavigne, born and raised in Shoshone County was recruited to the position of Executive Director. She had recently moved back to her roots and wanted to give back to her community. Miss Lavigne was the sole advocate during her beginning tenure and has increased talented staff to five full time and two part time advocates. The center has two offices, Wallace and Pinehurst, in order to serve the west and east ends of the I90 corridor of Shoshone County. Our staff enjoys wonderful collaborative partnerships with local law enforcement, schools, medical and mental community and caring community partners in order to provide meaningful advocacy and resources on a continuing basis.

Shoshone County borders Montana and is located 50 miles east of Coeur d’Alene. It hosts two mountain passes that in the winter provide hazardous roads to those seeking services outside our county. We remain a vital resource in our community and continue to strive to be a resource that positively affects those in unhealthy relationships. We have had success in assisting survivors through the criminal justice system. It is a challenge at time to provide resources within our county due to lack thereof. Through solid partnerships with neighboring advocacy centers, we can effectively promote our services and provide that ray of hope for each survivor of violent crimes.

Kellie Lavigne, Executive Director

Shoshone County Crisis and Resource Center

Move To End Violence Cohort 5 Announcement

Tai Simpson's headshot; she is smiling off to the distance outside in the middle of a crowd with a red shirt and black cardigan, hair in pigtails, and embroidered pink headband.

We are proud to announce that Tai Simpson of the Idaho Coalition team, was named one of 19 extraordinary leaders to its 5th and final cohort of Move to End Violence, a program of the NoVo Foundation. MEV is a 10-year capacity building program designed to accompany and strengthen U.S.-based movements to end violence against trans and cis girls and women and gender non-conforming people. The heart of the program centers on deep dialogue, relationship-building, peer learning and organizational wellness. Over the course of two years, the cohort members will participate in convenings, workshops, coaching and international movement building.

MEV is excited to convene a multi-racial, multi-lingual, and gender-expansive cohort that centers voices historically relegated to the margins and often most targeted to collaborate on approaches to ending violence against girls, women, gender non-conforming and intersex people. They work across the intersections of domestic and sexual violence, transphobia and homophobia, state violence, reproductive injustice, and more. Based in 12 different states, they utilize a variety of approaches, including organizing, advocacy, healing justice, cultural work and direct service.

This new cohort of Movement Makers reflects the vibrant community-centered leadership that anchors today’s local, national and transnational movements.


Housing Preservation Program

The Housing Preservation Program is aimed at helping renters affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis. The Housing Preservation Program (HPP) is available only to Idaho renters and provides assistance not only for rent, but utilities as well.

If you know anyone who needs assistance, please share this information with them.

Informational flyer

To learn more about the Housing Preservation Program and its eligibility requirements, click here or go to

A call-line (1-855-452-0801) is available to applicants in need of assistance with submitting an application. You may be able to assist applicants by making a phone available for call line access, providing internet access, scanning documents and/or submitting documents to IHFA via fax.

The following resources are available for you when messaging your clients. If there is anything else we can provide to assist with this effort, please let us know by emailing

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