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November 1, 2018

As we say goodbye to October, we wanted to take a moment to lift up a few different ways in which Idaho programs engaged, supported, and lead their communities for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

As programs working with and on behalf of survivors, your collective actions to connect with your communities for DVAM is an important way to both spread awareness, build partnerships, and inspire action for social change within your community.

Across the state, our community and tribal domestic and sexual violence programs engaged in many collective actions, here a just a few:

Thank You Perce Tribe Housing

Nez Perce Tribe Housing – Thank You

‘Úuyit Kímti Program (New Beginnings) in Lapwai (formally known as the Nez Perce Tribe Women’s Outreach Program) hosted a number of different events to both promote awareness and action in their community. From asking community members to use their “voice” by writing a letter to the editor or by using talking points to begin conversations about domestic violence with friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues. They also hosted a Purple Thursday social media contest to engage their community members and partners and coordinated a “walk to a purpose” to support victims and survivors or violence hosted at their school’s football field. They ended their month long campaign by sharing thank you treats to their partners for their continuous support.

Voices Against Violence in Twin Falls hosted a Candlelight Vigil to “honor survivors and remember victims lost to domestic violence” where they invited guest to “share stories, poems, or other artistic work to reflect on this cause”. They also supported local community members take action by helping to promote a memorial ride and fundraiser to help raise awareness for domestic violence.

Bingham Crisis Center in Blackfoot also hosted a Vigil to honor victims of domestic violence. They invited attendees to “help raise awareness and also encouraged the community to be part of the solution”. They also held their Annual Chili Feed and Live Auction fundraiser to help support their ongoing work to support individuals impacted by domestic violence. They partnered with many businesses and individuals in their local community to collect auction items.

Boundary County Youth Crisis and DV Hotline dba Boundary County Victim Services in Bonners Ferry spent their October working towards their annual fundraiser, the Fall Festival and Fashion Show where they take time to both spread awareness and share resources. The evening is an uplifting celebration focusing on supporting and empowering survivors of violence. This year, they are planning to engage their supporters with a “call to action” at the end of the evening encouraging attendees to plan an action, find “one thing” they can do to help create a world where domestic violence no longer exists.

Thank you to all of our community and tribal domestic violence programs for your work, this month and every month, to help raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence across our communities and your dedication to inspiring action to end domestic violence within your communities.

Lacey Sinn

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Election Day

The most important election for women is coming up in 6 days. For the past two years, we have borne witness to leaders in our country being lauded for making disparaging remarks about women, about the bodily parts of women, who have in turn tried to implement policies that negatively impact women, survivors, and people of color. We have seen survivors come forward and bravely share their stories, many for the first time, on the public stage. And we have seen their stories get picked apart, analyzed microscopically, and doubt planted in the public mind because their trauma did not allow them to remember details that are insignificant when compared to what they, the survivor, experienced.

But amongst all of this, we are also bearing witness to a movement unlike anything we’ve seen, where survivors are at the forefront. We are tired of having out stories hidden, of not being believed. And so, many have been stepping out of the shadows, into the light, sharing their truth. And our society is trying mightily to figure out how deep we need to go to cut out the toxicity, to cut out the problem from the root, so that we can begin to focus on healing and ensuring that these negative seeds never take root again.

While we continue to dig to find out how deep these roots go, we know there are things we can do NOW to begin to force changes to happen at the institutional levels. The Power of the VOTE is real. We have 6 days to show that we, as women, as survivors, as people of color, are paying attention, and we will no longer sit silently while decisions are being made about us, without us being at the table. The time is now, for our voices to rise up together, to demand a change together, to create a new world together.

If you haven’t voted yet, we strongly encourage you to make a plan to vote, and to encourage those around you to vote, as research shows that making a plan greatly increases the chances of people turning out on Election Day. Here are some other important resources for you to have at your disposal as you prepare for Election Day on November 6th:

  • In person early voting taking place until 5:00 PM on Friday, November 2nd. You can register to vote at the same time you go and vote early. (Voter registrations can no longer be mailed in or completed online.)
  • Absentee Ballots can be dropped in the mail or turned in to your county clerk.
  • Polls open on election day at 8:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. If you are in line by 8:00 PM, you can still vote. They cannot turn you away if you were in line at the time the polls closed.
  • You can register to vote at the same time you go vote on Election day.
  • Though Idaho statute requires an ID to vote, you can request to sign a Personal Affidavit in lieu of presenting an ID.
  • If you run into any issues while voting, contact the ACLU of Idaho.
Jennifer Martinez_Staff Photo_2017

Jennifer Martinez

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Raliance’s Sports + Prevention

Sports in our state is arguably an institution. Families invest time and money into their children’s athletic adventures and schedules are determined often by practice and game times. Physical activity, discipline and time with friends are some of the amazing benefits of their participation in athletics. In 2017-18, there were 48,301 high school students participating in at least one sport through their high school. Youth, ages 6 to 12, just over 71% participate in at least one team or individual sport annually. It is safe to say sports are a part of most communities in Idaho. And, as a believer in social change, I know we can positively empower our athletic coaches and players to develop successful teams. And by successful, I am mean emotionally supported and physically active youth and not just teams who win games.

We are excited to share a new resource developed by Raliance that provides research-based programs and planning tools to assist with successful character and leadership programs within sports teams. Raliance is a project that was developed by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s Prevent Connect, the National Alliance Ending Sexual Violence and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in 2015 with seed money from the National Football League (NFL). Their tag line is “Ending Sexual Violence in One Generation.” Bold right? With so much time, money and energy invested in youth sports in our country, sport is a great place to engage our communities for bold pivots to shift social norms that promote thriving for all.

The Raliance on-line resource can be found here. It includes over 100 programs designed for athletic teams of all ages, a “road map” to help you construct your plan and consider partners in the community to help out, a research section with numerous peer-reviewed literature reviews that provide data on programs that were implemented and a deep list of podcasts, webinars and learning exchanges through the Prevent Connect website.

The Raliance Sport and Prevention Center is a fantastic tool for those who are interested in collaborating with community sport teams. If you have any questions about the Raliance website or interest in having a conversation about engaging sports teams in your community, please connect with me. I am a believer in the power of sport to positively transform individuals and I look forward to connecting with you.

Jeff Mashusita_Staff Photo_2017

Jeff Matsushita

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2C Spotlight Awards: Recognizing Extraordinary Citizens

AAFV_Nonprofit of the Year

Photo: Idaho Press

The 2C Spotlight Awards banquet, which recognized “dozens extraordinary people for their leadership, volunteerism or moments of heroism” was held last Thursday at the Nampa Civic Center. Three of the 12 categories were awarded to Advocates Against Family Violence for Nonprofit of the Year, Kim Deugan for the All Star of the Year Award, and to our Idaho Coalition colleague Laura Diaz and her sister Judy Diaz for another of the 2C Spotlight Awards.

These awards were selected by Idaho Press staff and representatives of Idaho Power.

Congratulations to Advocates Against Family Violence, Kim Deugen, Laura Diaz and her sister Judy Diaz for their awards; they are well-deserved!

The October 25th edition of the Idaho Press includes a special section that reprints each 2C Spotlight story from the past 12 months.

Training & Events

Webinar: Generational Poverty and Domestic Violence Survivors Webinar
Thursday, November 1, 2018
3:00 – 4:30 PM ET | 2:00 – 3:30 PM CT | 1:00 – 2:30 PM MT | 12:00 – 1:30 PM PT

The Transitional Housing Team at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, in partnership with the Center for Survivor Agency & Justice, is excited to announce the upcoming Generational Poverty and Domestic Violence Survivors Webinar.

This webinar will introduce the intersection between generational poverty and domestic violence, and highlight unique challenges and barriers faced by survivors who are also experiencing poverty. Presenters will discuss the findings from CSAJ’s Racial and Economic Equity for Survivor’s Project, along with other research and innovative practices, and how it can be used to enhance survivor centered economic advocacy. Presenters will also engage attendees in exploring needs and exchanging innovative practices to address the ways bias and inequity show up in our work and as survivors navigate safety.

Webinar objectives:

    Participants will understand how domestic violence can impact an individual’s economic status.
  • Participants will be more aware of institution and structural racism that impact poverty.
  • Participants will learn about resources they can utilize to incorporate economic advocacy with survivors into their work.

Click here to register.

A Coordinated Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence
Sponsored by the Bannock County Domestic Violence Court

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 & Friday, November 16th, 2018
8:45 AM – 4:45 PM. Registration opens at 8:00 AM on both days.

The Red Lion Hotel
1555 Pocatello Creek Rd
Pocatello, ID 83201

Who should attend this free two-day training event: Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, attorneys, victim witness coordinators, victim advocates, probation officers, treatment providers, evaluators, mental health providers, health care professionals, social workers, students and anyone who supports a coordinated community response to intimate partner violence.

  • November 15, 2018- Criminal Justice Focus: Topics will include: Predominant Aggressor; Responding to Strangulation; Offender Accountability and Treatment; Responding to Children in the Criminal Justice System, Idaho Risk Assessment of Dangerousness; Stalking and Technology
  • November 16, 2018- Community Response Focus: Topics will include: Recognizing Bias in DV Response; Systems Generated Risks; Stalking and Technology; No Contact Orders and Civil Protection Orders; Health Implications of Intimate Partner Violence; Working and Enhancing the Safety of those Victimized by Violence; Domestic Violence Court Overview and Panel; Post Separation Violence
  • All training hours of the conference have been approved for Idaho Supreme Court Domestic Assault and Battery Evaluators. POST, Idaho State Bar CLE, and Counselor credits are pending. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of each day.

    Register now!

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