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January 28, 2021

Idaho State Capitol building on a clear day

Idaho’s 2021 legislative session is now in full swing. The Idaho Coalition’s policy team is already tracking and analyzing bills that will affect survivors and member programs. Alarming us at the moment is House Bill 17.

You can read the language of the bill here:

A surface reading of HB17 is that it will bar any state money from funding abortions. However, the bill also restricts counselors and social workers from even mentioning abortion as an option or even referring a patient/client to a clinic to learn more about their reproductive health options that may include an abortion. It is clear that if this bill is passed it will have serious effects on what counselors and social workers within your programs will be able to talk about with survivors. This is unacceptable and will hurt survivors. As you all know very well, it is vital for survivors to receive the services they believe they need to heal—especially options that are legal.

Your voices are needed in the statehouse in speaking out against this dangerous bill. Please contact your representatives in the House and Senate and ask them to stop this bill from even getting to the House Chamber floor for a vote. If you are unsure who your legislator is, you can go here:

You can track this bill by checking this webpage to see when the House Committee’s State Affairs will be taking testimony.

You can provide remote testimony when the House State Affairs Committee places HB17 on its agenda. This committee’s agendas are posted daily:

At this time, we are still waiting for online registration links to provide live-remote testimony during committee hearings. This allows the public to testify during a committee hearing through their computer. We will provide more information when it becomes available. While we’re waiting for logistics to be ironed out, please do not delay contacting your representatives about HB17 through email, writing a letter, or calling them.

Survivors deserve comprehensive, responsive, affirmative care and to be able to know about all of their options. HB17 will place dangerous restrictions on counselors and social workers providing support to survivors in our state’s programs serving domestic and sexual violence survivors. HB17 will hurt survivors. Please help us in putting a stop to HB17.

If you have any questions regarding HB 17, please feel free to contact Molly, Moné or myself.

Annie HightowerAnnie Hightower smiling with a blue scarf on in

Three Things to reach out to me for:

  • Legal Questions
  • Legislative Updates
  • Sexual Assault/Title IX

COVID-19 Vaccination Scams

vial of COVID-19 vaccine on a table next to a syringe

Currently, there are scams circulating in the community around COVID vaccinations in which people seek payment for purported COVID vaccinations or ask for credit card information to register/hold a spot for a vaccination. The posters below provide information on how to avoid COVID vaccination scams – please use them as you see fit.  Here are English and Spanish versions of the flyer.

Teen Health Survey

Join the Teen Health Study Team!Help Develop Evidence-Based Resources for Youth to Stay Safe

Dating abuse is the most common type of youth violence. It can have
devastating and lifelong consequences. There’s a new relationship app
that could help teens. Help us test it!

What is the Teen Health Study?

two young people sitting with their back turned to us, one leaning their head on the other's shoulder• Johns Hopkins University and University of Missouri are conducting a research study to test an app for teens in toxic or abusive relationships.
• The app is a free, personalized, and private resource for teens — to promote healthy dating relationships and help teens in toxic relationships.
• The app was researched with over 1000 adults in abusive relationships and was effective to help them stay safer – we now want to learn if a version for teens is effective.
• We need 600 teens to help by participating in the study.

Who can participate?

• Teens age 15-17 who have been in a toxic dating or casual relationship in the last 6 months.
• Teens need to have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and a phone number or email that is safe for receiving info about an unhealthy relationship study.
• Teens will be paid for their time and participation.

Is it safe?

• Our team is very experienced in keeping research participation private and safe.
• Study participants will receive information before they enroll about confidentiality and participating as safely as possible.
• All teens in the study will receive health and safety resources.

Will your organization help us reach youth so we can
develop an evidence-based resource for dating abuse?

For youth age 15-17 interested in more info about participating:

If you’re 15-17 and have been in a toxic relationship…

  • Do 4 CONFIDENTIAL online surveys over the next year
  • Only 15-30 minutes per online session


text: 410-657-2337


Insta DM:

For organizations with questions for the study team:
Amber Clough:

Training & Events


Jan 28–May 6 | Thu, 4–5pm

Ages 15–19 | FREE | Virtual

Dig deep in to the history of your family by participating in fun, social activities with your peers. Along with learning about your individual family history, you’ll also have the opportunity to engage in discussions about immigration.

For more information, please contact:
Kersey Alstrom – 208 344 5502 ext 222 

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