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August 27, 2020

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At Family Safety Network, 2020 has been full of challenges, blessings, unforeseen hurdles, unprecedented teamwork, irregular client numbers, growth, cancelled events, sadness, resilience, courage, lament, rest, and hard work. Last Fall, FSN entered a transitional season when our executive director of four years resigned. After serving in various roles since March of 2015, I accepted the E.D. position in November. While leaning into this new role, I and the organization were simultaneously preparing for my absence in the spring of 2020 while I participated in a long-awaited four-month sabbatical with my family. The months prior to my departure were packed with preparations, meetings, spreadsheets, and calendaring; all the while, no one was anticipating a global pandemic aligning perfectly with my departure.

The staff and board at FSN rose to the challenge with grace and grit. As the first covid case hit our small community and as the numbers began to rise, stay at home orders kicked in, and the town shut down – our staff worked together to assure that our doors remained open, our crisis hotline was staffed, and that we had shelter options for whomever may need our services. Especially during this time where individuals most at risk and in need of help were facing greater isolation than ever in their homes.

Our board of directors empowered staff to make decisions that would best serve clients while also prioritizing the safety, health, and wellbeing of our staff and community. For over two months, advocates alternated working in the office and at home to keep our facility open. With regret, three of our annual events – Dine out to End Domestic Violence, the Tin Cup Challenge event day organized by the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – were all cancelled in the interest of public health. Fortunately, we experienced an upswelling of financial support. We are encouraged that although we may not be able to host events, our donors are compelled to generously support our mission.

I returned to work amid a new reality in mid-July. At a time when many were feeling covid exhaustion weighing heavy, I came back to work refreshed with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement in my work, albeit awkwardly adjusting to mask wearing, 6 feet of separation, and incessant hand washing. Together the FSN staff, hotline advocates, and board is adjusting to new rhythms, routines, and protocols, and brainstorming new ways to connect with our clients, offer additional support, and reach out to our community in new and innovative ways. We are utilizing zoom, meeting with clients outside whenever possible, adjusting to staff working remotely when able, and preparing to launch zoom book discussion groups.

Our staff and board are engaging in meaningful dialogue as we grapple with our work and mission in a highly divided time, locally and nationally. In our rural community, we are grateful for the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence courageously leading the conversation about our responsibility to interrupt white supremacy in order to truly serve all survivors and create communities where everyone is valued and safe. We are asking ourselves, what does it mean to move the center to the margins in Teton Valley? How do we serve the most vulnerable populations in our community?

As we navigate the challenges of covid, and as we wade in deeper waters – examining our own biases and complicity in a culture that repeatedly overlooks and devalues Black, Indigenous, and people of color, we are holding each other accountable to care for ourselves and one another. We are building in spaces to check in on deeper levels, to ask one another what we need in the week ahead and support and encourage each other to meet that need, and to prioritize self-care. Thursdays at 11:30 we practice yoga together in our backyard. If you are traveling through Teton Valley before the snow starts to fly, and it’s above 60 degrees and not raining, you’re warmly welcome to stop in and join us!

Emily Bilcher
Executive Director
Family Safety Network
Teton Valley, Idaho

Clarke Report

In June 2019, the Idaho Supreme Court issued an opinion for State of Idaho v. Clarke and found that the use of warrantless arrests in misdemeanor cases was unconstitutional. Earlier this month, researchers from Boise State University’s Department of Criminal Justice released a report summarizing findings regarding police response to domestic violence in the aftermath of the Clarke decision. The report, Emerging Issues in Victimization: The Impact of the Clarke Decision on Policing’s Response to Victimization, was funded by the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance and includes viewpoints from law enforcement and community-based programs. It summarizes key findings regarding changes in response mechanisms for domestic violence. It also includes 14 recommendations to improve the response to domestic violence in Idaho, including investing in community-based services to provide for additional staffing, emergency housing, financial assistance, and counseling and legal assistance for those who have experienced domestic violence. For the full report and summary documents, please visit:

2020 Biennial Report on Victimization & Victim Services in Idaho, Volume 1, Issue 1

Clarke Overview

Final Findings

Final Recommendations

Annie Pelletier Photo

Annie Pelletier

Three Things to reach out to me for:

  • Legal Questions
  • Legislative Updates
  • Sexual Assault/Title IX

Virtual Conference Honoring MMIP: Ti Novitawi Kocheukaakwe

MMIW Conference Logo

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM MDT
Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 1:00 PM MDT

Tać leeheyn oykalo.
Good day relatives,

All people are sacred and worthy of protection, justice, and wellness. During October, the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence will host Ti Novitawi Kocheukaakwe Virtual Conference Honoring Missing & Murdered Indigenous People.

Presented via Zoom, this conference will give advocates, criminal legal system personnel, policy makers, and educators the opportunity to explore the disproportionate rates of gender-based violence impacting Indigenous communities in Idaho and regionally. More critically, it will provide Indigenous informed solutions and response to better collaborate across agencies and sectors.

Community and tribal domestic and sexual violence program members can participate at no cost.

For any individual or organization that is unable to pay the registration fee, there is a zero-cost scholarship option immediately available upon registration.

Registration is now open, and specific session information will be updated as details are confirmed.
Click on the link below to register.

Registration is now open!

We look forward to connecting with you for this transformative experience.


Tai Simpson Staff Photo Tai Simpson

Three Things to reach out to me for:

  • Antiracism and Community Building Education
  • Decolonizing Advocacy Work
  • Best Wine & Cheese Pairings

2020 National Sexual Assault Conference

National Sexual Assault Conference logo

The 2020 National Sexual Assault Conference is a free, three-day conference providing advanced training opportunities for victim advocates and other professionals working to prevent sexual violence, provide critical intervention services and support those who have experienced sexual violence. With the issue of sexual assault garnering more attention than ever before in the last 40 years, this conference takes place at a time when it is necessary to highlight the solutions toward ending sexual violence.

This year’s conference theme, “NSAC 2020: #BoldMoves”, we will be broadcasting three days’ worth of impactful presentations and discussions where leaders, such as yourself, will have the opportunity to engage on a meaningful topic related to our theme, #BoldMoves. We believe each of us has a role to play in preventing and ending violence and we know it will take small, yet impactful steps (Bold Moves) to get there.

Tai Simpson with the Idaho Coalition will be facilitating the session (Re)Imagining a World Without Sexual Violence on Friday, September 4th at 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (PT)/12:00 PM – 1:30PM (MT)

Accessibility: Spanish registration and can offer ASL, Spanish, and CC for all sessions

Important Message for Members

We highly encourage our members to attend NSAC! Programs with contracts under SASP and OVW Rural can bill their time during the conference.

Register here!

Conferencia Nacional de Asalto Sexual 2020 #MovimientosAudaces
La Coalición de California Contra el Asalto Sexual se enorgullece de ser la anfitriona de la Conferencia Nacional Virtual de Asalto Sexual 2020: #MovimientosAudaces

La Conferencia Nacional de Asalto Sexual es una conferencia de tres días que brinda oportunidades de capacitación avanzada para intercesores de víctimas de asalto sexual y otros profesionales que trabajan para prevenir la violencia sexual, brindar servicios de intervención crítica y apoyar a quienes han experimentado violencia sexual. Con el tema del asalto sexual recibiendo mas atención que nunca en los ultimos 40 años, esta conferencia se lleva a cabo en un momento en que es necesario resaltar las soluciones para poner fin a la violencia sexual.

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Training & Events

Coeur D’alene Tribe STOP Violence Program Presents
Raising Boys to Men: Moving out of the Man Box: Inter-generational Community Conversation Promoting Healthy Manhood and Relationships

Raising Boys to Men Flyer

When: All Zoom Meetings
11 AM — 1 PM PST/12 PM – 2 PM:
August 26, 2020
September 2, 2020
September 9, 2020

Featured Speakers:

Jeff Matsushita, with Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
Ryan Oatman, MSW, IVision Coordinator, with Nez Perce Tribe Youth Project
Tai Simpson, with Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

  • Build relationships and connectivity among adult male mentors and male youth
  • Explore dynamics of gender roles and masculine socialization
  • Examine Native American cultures and teachings as a healing and violence prevention strategy
  • Identify men and young men’s individual and collective strengths and roles in ending gender violence

Register here!

National Prevention Town Hall

national prevention town hall flyer

September 14
10AM – 3PM PST/11AM – 4PM MT

Racial inequities exist and it’s high time we change the way we do our work to address them.

Join storytellers, advocates, and activists as we pivot our intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention work and messaging in response to the racial inequities that COVID has laid bare, especially for Black individuals and communities across the country. Explore meaningful relationship building with communities across states, sectors, and social justice movements.

This virtual event is free and open to all, offering opportunities to engage with change makers from across the country and leave with concrete action steps, commitments, and measures for accountability to advance our collective work.

Register here!

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