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July 30, 2020

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The Oneida Crisis Center is a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency located on the Southeast side of Idaho in the small town known as Malad. As an agency in a small, rural community the COVID-19 Pandemic didn’t affect us in the same way it might have affected those in larger communities. In April of 2020 the decision was made that only 2 individuals would be able to work in the office at one time and the other two would work from home. We took turns rotating in-office days of the week. It was very important to us to stay as available as possible for any person who may be in need of assistance during the unprecedented times that we were all facing. Our 24-hour Crisis Line stayed operating with the help of our wonderful volunteers. We were not able to fully return to our office until May 4th, with precautions and restrictions to include sanitation and social distancing while members of our community supplied masks for staff and for any clients who did not have one.

During this time, the Oneida Crisis Center continued to stay open, active, and have involvement with collaborative efforts in assisting the needs of our community including but not limited to keeping Carol’s Pantry (the community food pantry operated under OCC) open for any family within our community in need of food. We accomplished this by offering a drive through system allowing individuals to contact our office with their needs. This also kept individuals and families in the community receiving USDA programs such as TEFAP and Senior Boxes. We continued attending virtual MDT meetings, facilitating computer-generated CCR meetings, working closely with Law Enforcement to assure safety and shelter options for families/victims of abuse, continuing to offer the space for CAC interviews and provide advocacy to those families. We were also privileged to continue our Trauma Informed Yoga classes through Zoom allowing clients to access those calming and relaxing tools for healing.

In the upcoming months we are looking forward to working with our local hospital, the Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital, in efforts to not only bring awareness but to do our part in helping prevent suicide by providing information and tools to our community during the 4th Annual Suicide Awareness Walk held in September. This year as well as past years, we have been asked to present information on the programs and resources that we are able to provide to our community regarding this sensitive but all too real topic. This activity not only allows us to connect with adults within our community but the youth as well.

Overall, the Oneida Crisis Center has been able to continue providing core services to victims and families of abuse during these difficult and unique times. Our staff and volunteers work endlessly to educate and promote safe and healthy individuals, families, housing and a prosperous community by working to ensure peaceful family relationships.

Exploring Civil Legal Remedies for Survivors of Sexual Violence

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If you experienced sexual violence, the legal team at the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence may be able to help you. Our legal team can explain and assess your legal rights. We can also help you identify and seek the legal remedies that can increase stability in your life following social or economic problems caused by sexual assault. Ways we may be able to help include but are not limited to:

Privacy: Proactively protect your privacy by asking medical care providers, counselors, advocates, and others to tell you when someone asks them for your records; challenge subpoenas for your private records received by third parties; and make sure that your service providers understand the laws protecting your privacy and their duty to protect your privacy under those laws.

Increase Safety: Work with your school, landlord or local housing authority, and employers to create safety plans, or ask for accommodations to increase your safety and well-being.

Housing: Negotiate with your landlord or local housing authority to allow you to terminate or transfer your lease and seek additional safety measures or reasonable accommodations in your home and surrounding area necessary for your safety and well-being following sexual assault.

Employment: Work with your employer to get leave to care for yourself following a sexual assault; access disability or unemployment insurance; request and seek enforcement of appropriate accommodations in the workplace; enhance the safety of your work environment; and ensure that your employer follows all workplace policies and laws on responding to sexual violence.

Financial: Help you apply for public assistance or crime victim’s compensation if you qualify and help determine if you can hold a third party liable for your assault and recover damages for your loss.

Crime Victim’s Rights/ Navigating the Criminal Justice System: Help you understand the criminal legal system and enforce your rights under the Idaho Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

Education: Advocate with your school to make accommodations to assist you to reduce the impact of sexual violence on your education and ability to access school-related programs and benefits; represent or assist you in a school investigation or disciplinary action against the person who harmed you; and enforce the rights you have under state and federal education law.

Immigration: Assess if you qualify for immigration relief due to your status as a victim of a crime; negotiate with immigration officials to allow you to stay in the United States to finish school or continue at your job even if a leave of absence is required after you experienced an assault; and challenge the use of your immigration status being used against you in any civil action against the person who harmed you, your employer, housing provider.

For Help or More Information Contact Us! and or call (512) 492-5699.

This article is supported in part by Victims of Crime Act, awarded by the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime. The opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Grantor agencies. This project was supported in part by Grant No. 2019-WL-AX-0006 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/ exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Financial Help for Idaho Renters

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About the Housing Preservation Program

Idaho Housing and Finance Association is working to stabilize Idaho households affected by COVID-19 and the related economic crisis. If you or your renter has lost income because of the pandemic and cannot pay rent or utilities, short-term assistance may be available to prevent eviction.


Eligibility is based on current household income, risk of eviction (within 30 days for nonpayment of rent from current residence) or utility shut-off due to the COVID-19 crisis, and several other factors. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for a complete list of eligibility criteria.

Apply for assistance

Before applying for assistance, you should be prepared to provide:

  1. Basic information on each household member,
  2. An electronic copy of your state-issued ID,
  3. Proof of income,
  4. Your lease agreement, and
  5. Your utility bill (if past due or threatened with shut-off).

You will also need to complete and attach a release of information form. All household members without a source of income will need to complete and attach a Zero-Loss of Income certification.

To apply for assistance, click here.

Questions? Need more information?

Click here for more details on the program and to get answers to your frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 1-855-452-0801.

Help spread the word

Download an informational flyer.

If you’re currently homeless

If you are currently homeless, click here to connect with services for which you may be eligible.

Privacy notice

Click here to review the program’s privacy notice.

Acerca del programa para la Preservación de Viviendas

Idaho Housing and Finance Association (Asociación de Vivienda y Finanzas de Idaho) está trabajando para estabilizar los hogares de Idaho que se han visto afectados por COVID-19 y la crisis económica asociada. Si usted o su inquilino han perdido su fuente de ingresos debido a la pandemia y no pueden pagar la renta o los servicios públicos, es posible que haya asistencia temporal disponible para evitar el desalojo.


La elegibilidad se basa en el ingreso actual del hogar , el riesgo de desalojo (dentro de 30 días por impago del alquiler de la residencia actual) o el riesgo de interrupción de los servicios públicos a causa de la crisis de la COVID-19 y algunos otros factores. Consulte las Preguntas más frecuentes donde encontrará una lista completa de los criterios de elegibilidad.

Solicitar la asistencia

Antes de solicitar la asistencia, debería estar preparado para proporcionar:

  1. Información básica sobre cada uno de los miembros del hogar/unidad familiar
  2. Una copia electrónica de su identificación (ID) emitida por el estado
  3. Prueba de ingresos
  4. Su contrato de arrendamiento y
  5. Su factura de servicios públicos (si está retrasado en el pago o bajo amenaza de interrupción del servicio)

También necesitará completar un formulario de autorización para la divulgación de información . Todos los miembros del hogar sin fuente de ingresos necesitarán completar y adjuntar una Declaración de pérdida de ingresos o ingresos nulos.

Para solicitar asistencia, haga clic aquí o llame al 1-855-452-0801.

Ayuda a correr la voz

Descargue un volante informativo.

Si actualmente está en situación de desamparo (sin hogar)

Si no tiene hogar, haga clic aquí para conectarlo con servicios para los cuales usted puede ser elegible.

Notificación de Privacidad

Haga clic aquí para leer la notificación de privacidad del programa.

Training & Events

Serving Survivors Impacted by the Criminal Legal System

July 31, 2020
2:00pm PT | 1:00pm MT | 2:00pm CT | 3:00pm ET

This webinar will highlight the multitude of ways that a criminal record can negatively impact a survivor’s life and safety, and how programs can begin to build resources and innovative community partnerships in order to help survivors overcome the barriers they face after an incarceration or criminal conviction.

Register here!

Thriving Families Artwork

Virtual Training
Surviving & Thriving in a Culture of Violence:
Building a Movement Rooted in Love and Resilience

Wednesday, August 5, 12:00PM – 1:30PM (MST) via Zoom

The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence Thriving Families team invites you to join our training, Surviving & Thriving in a Culture of Violence: Building a Movement Rooted in Love and Resilience, presented by Christina Castro, Taos/Jemez/Xicana, PhD of Three Sisters Collective.

This training will take participants on a journey of building indigenous–led movements rooted in resilience and love, rooted in indigenous core values.

Participants will:
1. Learn the ways in which the culture of violence impacts Indigenous communities.
2. Learn how history and obstacles can be tools for healing and learn how to find their role as leaders and conduits of change.
3. Explore ways to mobilize communities to create positive social change.

Register here!

Emergency Housing for Companion Animals:
Keeping Women and Pets in Your Community Safe

Thursday, July 30th, 2020
11:00AM MT

Featured Presenter:
Shelbi Waters, Executive Director (Souris Valley Animal Shelter)

This webinar is FREE to current NCADV members!
Email to receive the member registration code.

$75 for Non-Members

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter is passionate about removing barriers— that includes the barriers that prevent women from fleeing domestic violence situations. Learn how the Souris Valley Animal Shelter partners with the Minot, SD Domestic Violence Crisis Center and the YWCA to create an effortless system for keeping women fleeing domestic violence with their pets safe. Discussed during this session will be ways animal shelters can create partnerships with their local domestic violence programs and other allies; what is necessary to do so; planning for the safety of the pets as well as their humans during and beyond their stay; the money; the data; and why this type of partnership is critical to domestic violence victims, their families, and their pets.

Register here!

Save the date: Ti Novitawi Kocheukaakwe Virtual Conference Honoring Missing & Murdered Indigenous People
Througout October 2020

ICA-20.041 MMIP Conference Postcard

All people are sacred and worthy of protection, justice, and wellness. The issue of Missing & Murdered Indigenous People should receive adequate response and prevention measures, and Idaho is taking steps toward that end. As we acknowledge this crisis and the changes urgently needed to save lives, and respond to this reality we begin the process of removing barriers to the safety of Native communities by strengthening the ability of Indigenous nations to protect mxn, womxn, and children. During October, the Idaho Coalition will host Ti Novitawi Kocheukaakwe Virtual Conference Honoring Missing & Murdered Indigenous People. Each presentation will be delivered virtually via Zoom.

Featuring Sarah Deer, Author of “The Beginning and End of Rape” On October 6th, 11:00AM-1:00PM We will announce additional speakers from Indigenous communities across the country whose powerful voices and insight and renown in the movement to end violence against Native folks.

Registration opens August 1st on

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