2012 | Stalking Awareness Handbook

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Most victims are stalked by someone they know. Stalking is serious, often violent, and can escalate over time. This handbook provides information about Stalking and the services that are available in our communities. We encourage individuals to go through this handbook with an Idaho community advocate with a domestic violence program.

Table of Contents:
4 What is Stalking?
5 Statistics
6 Profile of a Stalker
7 Are You Being Stalked?
8 If You Are a Victim of Stalking…
9 The Use of Technology to Stalk
10 If You Are Being Stalked Through the Use of Technology
12 If You Are Being Stalked You Might…
13 If you Have a Friend Who is Being Stalked…
14 Incident & Behavior Log
18 Suggested Reading List
19 Stalking Resources/Idaho Statutes

Designed to be distributed to Idaho domestic and sexual violence programs, community advocates, and organizations and companies who work with individuals experiencing violence.

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(Idaho orders only)

Size: 5 x 5″ in
OVW Approved: 2012