2020 | Our Collective Future Story Circle Guide


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A story is the shortest distance between two people, but the practice of storytelling is something many of us have lost. We need to reclaim it.

The purpose of the Our Collective Future Story Circle is to strengthen community interconnectedness and shine light on the future we choose now. Hearing each other’s stories and telling our own will help us rediscover and rebuild our relationships to each other and move us towards collective thriving.

Transformation can occur in moments when we gather; our collective humanity deepens when we gather with purpose. Through stories, we expand our capacity for empathy, build authentic connection to others, and cultivate hope for a world rooted in interdependence, resilience, and regeneration.

We are inviting you to gather groups of students – clubs, classrooms or school-wide – to share stories and learn from each other.

This document was developed by the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence in partnership with youth activists and many experts working towards social change to end gender violence.

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