Sexual Assault Awareness

Join the movement to end rape and sexual assault, and envision compassionate communities with respect, equity, and justice for all human beings, where rape and sexual violence against women and girls is no longer a common occurrence, and violence in all communities is no longer accepted.

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2014 Sexual Assault
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Call to Action:

Respect Respect – Women and girls – and people of all genders and sexual identities -are human beings, not objects to be dominated or controlled.

Call to Action:

  • Value women and girls for their humanity, not what they look like
  • Speak out against sexualized and degrading language and images of women and girls.
  • Boycott businesses that use sexualized degrading images of women and girls to promote products and sell services.
  • Speak respectfully about women and girls and everyone on the gender spectrum.
  • Empower girls and women to achieve their full potential.

For more information: – objectification and rigid gender roles in video games. – MissRepresentation film with twitter “calls to action” – objectification of women in the media

Equity Equity – Women and girls need to have equal access and opportunities so that every human being can achieve their full potential.

Call to Action:

  • Acknowledge diversity.
  • Recognize and celebrate our differences.
  • Eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of all people.
  • Encourage more qualified women to seek public office and support them.

For more information: – history of women in congress. – grassroots movement to elect women in leadership.

Justice Justice – Gender violence is a human rights violation. It is defined as violence directed against a person because of their gender or their gender identity. Gender violence disproportionately affects women and girls, and especially marginalized and disenfranchised communities.

Call to Action:

  • Support equal rights for all people.
  • Focus on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation as well as race and class.
  • Insist on passage of the Military Justice Reform Act and remove commanding officers from control over cases of sexual abuse in the military
  • Apply Title X protection for women students and evolve laws and procedures on all campuses to reduce sexual assault and rape
  • Insist on passage of the International Violence Against Women Act
  • Support compliance of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.
  • Abandon the death penalty and seek to rehabilitate human beings who commit crimes instead of excessive incarceration, especially for nonviolent offenders.

For more information: – current diversity issues. – LGBTQ rights and updates on current legislation. – Add the Words. – SWAN’s mission is to transform military culture by securing equal opportunity and freedom to serve without discrimination, harassment or assault for women veterans and their families. – Just Detention International is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.