We Choose All of Us Campaign  

The We Choose All of Us Campaign demonstrates the power and unity of all people in our communities. We believe in radical human connection. We believe in the power of change that young people hold in your schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Unfair treatment, harassment, or discrimination based on gender or gender expression is wrong and creates the conditions for gender violence – abuse and sexual assault – to occur. We also do not live single issue lives: we see the limitations of single identities of gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, class, religion, immigration and refugee status. We know that discrimination against any person hurts all of us. We know that all forms of domination and violence are interconnected. We choose to interrupt and end all forms of hate, oppression, and violence. We want to create a world where everyone is valued for their full selves.

We encourage you to envision a world where everyone is valued, everyone is safe, everyone can thrive. We choose all of us.

We Choose All of Us Campaign

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We Choose All of Us

We are a people who choose
A world where everyone is valued
where everyone is safe
where everyone can thrive
A world rooted in interdependence, resilience, regeneration
A world where love is love and kindness is everything

We choose to embrace transformation
To weave together our voices and stories
To find our way back to our ancestors and ourselves
through love and community
We choose to be bold enough to celebrate each other
To see our interconnectedness and honor our differences
To listen deeply; hear and be heard

We believe in a collective humanity
In one family, one community, one people
In the power of language
In conversations that transform our hearts, minds and world
We believe in becoming something bigger than ourselves
In imagining together to achieve the unimaginable
Together we can change anything.

We believe our choices have power
And in choosing to create the new story of Idaho
We choose all of us.

We Choose All of Us – High School Poster Series

We Choose All of Us – Middle School Poster Series

Select the images below to view a PDF copy of the 2017 We Choose All of Us poetry collection.

2017 OGR Middle School Poetry Booklet
2017 OGR High School poetry collection

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