The Latinx Thriving Families Campaign is designed to increase access and improve systems and responses to Latinx abused parents and their children by the integration of a comprehensive anti-oppression and social equity framework.

Idaho’s Latinx community is 12% of the Idaho overall population and is steadily increasing, especially concentrated to the Southern part of the state. A Latinx-specific campaign, such as this one, is crucial to ensuring that all Idahoans who experience domestic violence, regardless of their social or racial identity, are aware of and feel comfortable accessing resources.

These campaign materials, specific for outreach to the Idaho Latinx community, were created out of listening sessions with Latinx mothers across southern Idaho who were survivors of domestic violence and their children. We learned directly from the Latinx community about services across systems for abused parents and children. Out of these listening sessions, six themes and values were identified and are featured in the campaign: resilience, family, healing, community, cultural pride, and safety. Below the linked posters highlight these themes and values and the handbooks provide a foundation for recommendations to improve the experience of Latinx parents and their children in seeking help for domestic violence.

The materials can be a catalyst for conversations that are desperately needed across the nation. All materials have been created with an eye towards honoring Latinx culture and heritage and features captivating imagery cultivated by nationally acclaimed artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez, whose name you might recognize as Ben & Jerry’s new ‘Pecan Resist’ ice cream flavor, featuring Rodriguez’s artwork.

If you need additional information regarding the campaign, please email Mercedes Muñoz.

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Latinx Thriving Families Poster Series | English

Latinx Thriving Families Poster Series | Spanish