Sexual Assault

Sexual assault violates what we believe in – a compassionate community free from degrading, cruel, and inhuman treatment and violence. It goes against our values when individuals are raped. It is an extreme human rights violation that must stop.

Sexual assault is any behavior or contact of a sexual nature that is unwanted – from sexual harassment to rape. Sexual assault occurs any time a person is forced, coerced, and/or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity. Women and girls, men and boys of all economic classes, races and levels of education can be victims of sexual assault.


Angelica felt she had nowhere to turn after being raped by a close friend. Angelica called the National Sexual Assault Hotline and was connected with a local sexual assault program. At her local program, Angelica began her journey of healing through participating in a yoga class that combined relaxation and empowerment techniques.

Building Capacity

  • Learning Communities
    • Community based Sexual Assault Programs
    • Healthcare Systems
    • Criminal Justice Systems
    • Educational Systems
  • Capacity Building Trainings