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Compassionate Communities: We Choose All of Us is two-day conference on Tuesday, November 28- Wednesday, November 29 at Boise State University, Student Union Building where we will envision a world where everyone is valued, everyone is safe, and everyone can thrive. Together we will create a collaborative space for social services and social change to come together to explore ways to repair the harm from our culture of domination, extraction, and violence, and to re-imagine a world rooted in interdependence, resilience, and regeneration.

Plenary Speakers

adrienne maree brown_CCspeakerphoto2017 adrienne maree brown – is the co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements, and a writer, facilitator, pleasure activist, coach, healer and doula living in Detroit.
Amita Swadhin_CCspeakerphoto2017 Amita Swadhin – is an educator, storyteller, activist and consultant dedicated to fighting interpersonal and institutional violence against young people.
Andrew Sta. Ana_CCspeakerphoto2017 Andrew Sta. Ana, JD – advocates for the rights of low wage workers, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, transgender people of color, immigrants, and survivors of intimate partner violence, enriches the work of advocates around the country on legal remedies for survivors, LGBT rights, and cultural competency.
Archi Pyati_CCspeakerphoto2017 Archi Pyati, JD – is the Chief of Policy and Programs at the Tahirih Justice Center where she spearheads national advocacy initiatives, forging and mobilizing diverse coalitions to press for laws, regulations, and policies that better protect immigrant women and girls from violence.
Judith LeBlanc_CCspeakerphoto2017 Judith LeBlanc – is the Executive Director of the Native Organizer’s Alliance. She has been an organizer, journalist, and public spokesperson on issues of economic, social and racial justice for four decades.
Patina Park_CCspeakerphoto Patina Park, JD – is currently the Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, a 32-year-old nonprofit dedicated to providing holistic, multi-service programming grounded in cultural strengths to heal, preserve, and strengthen Native American women and their families from the multi-generational and historic trauma experienced from the effects of colonization.
Robin DiAngelo_CCspeakerphoto2017 Robin DiAngelo, PhD – is the author of What Does it Mean to be White?: Developing White Racial Literacy and her work on White Fragility has influenced the national dialogue on race. She was appointed to design the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative Anti-Racism training. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Washington.
Rosie Hidalgo_CCspeakerphoto2017 Rosie Hidalgo, JD – is the Senior Director of Public Policy for Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities, a national domestic violence resource center with a focus on providing training, research, and policy advocacy.