All Bodies, All Genders!

All Bodies All Genders Info Cards VisualLet’s transform our culture by redefining what gender means to each us and by valuing all bodies and all genders in our diverse communities. We can interrupt and end all forms of domination, oppression, and violence and create communities where everyone is safe, everyone is valued, and everyone can thrive.

Order these FREE All Bodies, All Genders posters featuring illustrations of artist Ashley Dreyfus, gender information cards, and vinyl cling stickers. Be part of the transformative culture shift in your community.

Our culture has been organized around gender – much like other social identities like race, ability, class, and sexuality. Historically, gender has been used to reinforce pre-assigned or rigid roles, such as who cares for children or who provides financially for our families. When we devalue girls, women, trans and gender nonconforming people, we create the conditions for gender violence – sexual assault or abuse – to occur. Interrupt these harmful social norms. Embody joy, love, your wholeness, healing, and thriving!

We Choose All of Us
A project of the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

2019 | All Bodies, All Genders – Poster Series