Meet Our Social Change Agents

Meet our wonderful staff! Their tireless efforts and energy drive our success.

Kelly Miller

Executive Director

By widening our circle of compassion, we can open our hearts and end violence against women and girls, men and boys. We need to pivot together in a new direction towards a future without violence. Beyond stirring up a revolution, she likes her family, Mary Oliver, Katniss Everdeen, Homeland, Yo La Tengo, Smartwool socks and the outdoors.


Annie Pelletier Hightower

Director of Law & Policy

Annie is passionate about discovering methods to enhance formal and informal supports to increase healing for those exposed to gender violence. After 4 years investigating sexual assault reports on a college campus, she feels ready to hear almost anything you are willing to share. Annie loves post-apocalyptic fiction, zombies, the mountains, her partner, and her two young boys who she is raising to be men who can express their emotions.

Kristin Reed

Finance Director

There is always a way to use the resources and tools around us to leave this world, our world, better than how we found it. Kristin is passionate about effectively using financial management and organizational development practices to ensure that all humans have access to the support and resources that can give them the best chance to live lives they love.

Micaela Ríos Anguiano

Director of Social Change & Resilience

Micaela is a social justice advocate and activist who works across issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. She commits to uplifting the voices and histories of those impacted by generational trauma, violence and oppression. Micaela takes pride in her Mexican roots, history, culture and ancestral healing wisdom. She’s on a journey toward grounding her own truth and power and serves as a vessel in others’ healing and liberation.

Amy York

Social Change Administrative Associate

Bryan Lyda

Senior Program Specialist

We are all connected to one another, our communities, and our society. In realizing and strengthening our connection, we discover our collective power to end all forms of violence, creating a world where every gender and culture will thrive. Bryan thrives with good food, great people, a lazy basset hound, and an occasional morning rain.

Jeff Matsushita

Program Specialist

Changing times require changing minds. The progress of our community requires new ideas, thoughts and direction. The gift of triumphs from our ancestors provides us a platform to reach new heights, building upon their accomplishments. In their honor, we move forward together, toward a society free of oppression. For Jeff change is constant. He can be found out in the community with his partner chasing two young kids, bouncing a basketball or trying out a new restaurant.

Kailey Carter-Zitterkopf

Social Change Finance Associate

Kailey has spent most of her career providing trauma-informed services to survivors of gender-based violence and through this work has come to believe that empowering those who have been oppressed by racist, sexist, and classist structures is the key to transforming our society. She strives to be part of the revolution to dismantle the systems of capitalism while keeping the focus of the work human centered. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and crocheting.

Lacey Sinn

Program Specialist

When women, girls, men and boys are equally free to live without fear, to live a life free of violence, we will have achieved our mission. Lacey believes by working together we will create the change essential to building a future without violence. She loves her dog Ruger, spending time in the outdoors, with family and friends.

Molly Kafka

Social Change Attorney

Molly thrives in transparent and compassionate connections. They embrace the necessary work of peeling back the layers of personal, structural, and social harms, and power, to better show up for themselves and community. They strive to consider the wholeness of each individual, and believes doing so is part of the work necessary in creating a future without violence. They enjoy belly laughs, karaoke, and writing and receiving letters.

Moné Miller

Social Change Legal Advocate

Moné is passionate about creating systemic change in communities and her life’s work is grounded in learning and truth. Her background is in law and social work, so she strives to expand policy and advocacy in the Boise community. She believes that both a collective effort and self-reflection are required for a better and safer world. In her free time, Moné enjoys hiking, riding her bike, baking bread, and being a social butterfly!

Tai Simpson

Social Change Associate

Tai Simpson is “The Storyteller” in the indigenous language of the Nimiipuu nation (Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho). She believes indigenous “old ways” are the principles on which many communities build their social and political narratives. As an antiracism activism and community leader, she uses contemporary and traditional Indigenous storytelling to depict the lens of “old ways” and how it is used to protect the sacred, build strength in the community, and keep nature in balance. She is a direct descendant of Chief Redheart of the Nez Perce tribe. Tai’s academic background is in Political Philosophy & Public Law at Boise State University. Tai is supported by her amber-eyed staffy “Gunner” who is in turn supported by his grey-eyed staffy “Lola.” Tai loves wine, wilderness, and sunshine.

Yara Slaton

Program Specialist

In the words of Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.” Knowledge and awareness are a critical step in our journey to a world free of violence. Yara enjoys spending time with her daughter, adores all things pink (and chocolate!), and just completed her bachelor’s at Boise State University in International Business. She is passionate about ending poverty and addressing the structural oppressions of capitalism.