Meet Our Social Change Agents

Kelly Miller

Executive Director

By widening our circle of compassion, we can open our hearts and end violence against women and girls, men and boys. We need to pivot together in a new direction towards a future without violence. Beyond stirring up a revolution, she likes her family, Mary Oliver, Katniss Everdeen, Homeland, Yo La Tengo, Smartwool socks and the outdoors.

Micaela Ríos Anguiano

Acting Co-Director

Micaela is the second daughter of four siblings from a Mexican and Texas-borderland family. She’s a partner to a kind and loving soul and a mother to a brave, confident, and tenacious toddler! Her world view comes from her parents’ respective immigrant (paternal) and U.S. migrant farmworkers’ (maternal) experience, in addition to her upbringing in a rural, farm town in Idaho – a unique blend of the Mexican, Mexican-American, and U.S. American culture that encompasses the borderlands of immigration, migration, language, culture, code switching, and everything in between. She is on an ever-evolving decolonizing journey toward liberation, working to heal generational trauma for her ancestors, herself, and her descendants.

Tai Simpson

Acting Co-Director

“The Storyteller” is tai simpson’s name in the Indigenous language of the Nez Perce Tribe. In the community, she serves as an organizer for the Indigenous Sovereignty and Black Liberation. As an antiracism activist and community organizer, she uses contemporary and traditional Indigenous storytelling to champion radical inclusion, equity, and liberation. Notably, she has a TEDxBoise talk exploring Indigenous beliefs as the basis for empowering and nurturing community. In 2019, she was pivotal in passing legislation to acknowledge the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women’s crisis in Idaho as well as centering Indigenous voices in policy work.  In 2020, tai was cornerstone to the Black community by coordinating a vigil to honor the many Black lives lost at the hands of police violence; that organizing still carries forward today.

Henry Hitt

Finance Director

Christina Vázquez

Social Change Administrative Associate

Christina is on a path of (re)learning and growth, her healing is rooted in her Mexican roots, culture, and ancestral wisdom. She commits to listening and uplifting the voices of historically marginalized communities to build a future without violence. She thrives working with farmworking communities and with first-generation professionals like herself. Christina believes in caring for our inner child, to return to our authentic self. She enjoys her time with familia, reading, and traveling.

D Dagondon Tiegs

Bilingual Social Change Associate

D Dagondon Tiegs (they/them or Ø) wholeheartedly believes that a world where everyone is safe and has what they need to reach their fullest potential is already unfolding. D is inspired and grounded by our intricate interconnections to each other and the Earth and is guided by the wisdom of our communities, ancestors, and the descendants who have yet to come. When not working, D can be found chilling with Tai’s dogs (Lola the Destroyer and Gunther/Gunner), enjoying wine, or reading about Queer/Trans history.

Kailey Carter-Zitterkopf

Social Change Finance Associate

Kailey has spent most of her career providing trauma-informed services to survivors of gender-based violence and through this work has come to believe that empowering those who have been oppressed by racist, sexist, and classist structures is the key to transforming our society. She strives to be part of the revolution to dismantle the systems of capitalism while keeping the focus of the work human centered. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and crocheting.

Lacey Sinn

Program Specialist

When women, girls, men and boys are equally free to live without fear, to live a life free of violence, we will have achieved our mission. Lacey believes by working together we will create the change essential to building a future without violence. She loves her dog Ruger, spending time in the outdoors, with family and friends.

Lourdes Matsumoto

Every person deserves to live their lives, according to their truth, with respect, dignity, and free of violence. Lourdes has spent a majority of her legal career advocating for civil rights. She believes the importance of uplifting all races and cultures in order to build stronger communities and end the cycle of violence. She loves to spend time with family, cooking, reading, and playing outdoors with her children.

Nisha Newton

Social Change Communications Associate

Nisha Jae Newton is a visionary community weaver, strategist, and care-taker. They are a recent graduate with a master’s degree in Social Justice & Human Rights, and they find power as both an educator and learner in resistance spaces. Beyond their lived experiences as a young Black, queer, trans-nonbinary person who has survived violence, they use their identities as a historian & sociologist to co-create liberation. Nisha believes none of us are free until all of us are free, and they uplift beloved community to ignite the emergent world where our collective descendants are whole & thriving.