Meet Our Social Change Agents

Meet our wonderful staff! Their tireless efforts and energy drive our success.

Kelly Miller

Executive Director

By widening our circle of compassion, we can open our hearts and end violence against women and girls, men and boys. We need to pivot together in a new direction towards a future without violence. Beyond stirring up a revolution, she likes her family, Mary Oliver, Katniss Everdeen, Homeland, Yo La Tengo, Smartwool socks and the outdoors.


Mercedes Muñoz

Director of Social Change

Mercedes is an immigrant, daughter of migrant farmworkers, and mother of two amazing children who remind her to always lead with love and joy. Mercedes has over nineteen years of experience in the pursuit of social equity for women and girls. She has spent her entire career striving to achieve transformational changes in the communities where she has worked. In her opinion working alongside those who are oppressed is paramount to promoting permanent and sustainable change in any community.

Annie Pelletier Hightower

Director of Law & Policy

Annie is passionate about discovering methods to enhance formal and informal supports to increase healing for those exposed to gender violence. After 4 years investigating sexual assault reports on a college campus, she feels ready to hear almost anything you are willing to share. Annie loves post-apocalyptic fiction, zombies, the mountains, her partner, and her two young boys who she is raising to be men who can express their emotions.

Marney Ellis

Finance Director

Marney is a multi-faceted professional with over 20 years of experience in finance, management, fundraising, grants management and relationship stewardship. She is passionate about community engagement and social impact, and is known for delivering impactful outcomes with expertise, creativity and integrity.

Alyssa Wainaina

College Intern

Alyssa is a young, Black, queer activist of Kenyan descent. Her organizing and activism centers around empowering middle and high school students. Alyssa is studying Political Science at Boise State University and aspires to be a politician in the future in order to use the system to create a community where marginalized people, and therefore all people, can flourish!

Bryan Lyda

Senior Program Specialist

We are all connected to one another, our communities, and our society. In realizing and strengthening our connection, we discover our collective power to end all forms of violence, creating a world where every gender and culture will thrive. Bryan thrives with good food, great people, a lazy basset hound, and an occasional morning rain.

Dalton Dagondon Tiegs

College Intern

Dalton believes wholly that a world where everyone is valued is entirely possible and is on the way. Dalton believes in the power of youth, queer and trans folx of color, and historically marginalized communities in being able to lead the way in transitioning from the decaying world view to the verdant, healing centered, emergent new world.

Estefania Mondragon

Bilingual Social Change Associate

I change myself, I change the world.” -Gloria Anzaldua. Estefania is a daughter of immigrant parents from Tarandacuao, Guanajuato, Mexico. She brings awareness, both of her languages, heart, and imagination to her work. She wholeheartedly believes that changes starts from the inside out and is passionate about building power within the intersections. She hopes to raise community consciousness, shift culture, and bringing an anti-oppression lens to the conversation. She imagines a world where everyone is honored and every living being thrives. Estefania is also a community organizer at PODER of Idaho.

Jennifer Martinez

Social Change Associate/Organizer

Jennifer is passionate about increasing services for adolescents from historically marginalized communities in rural communities who are abused or sexually assaulted. She is also part of a cross movement collaborative in Idaho – a Community of Purpose – to build relationships and leverage power for an emergent world. She is a first-generation Idahoan who is active in the political arena and is deeply committed to creating social change. She brings an intersectional lens into all of the spaces she engages. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hanging out with her partner and fur babies in the Idaho wilderness.

Jeff Matsushita

Program Specialist

Changing times require changing minds. The progress of our community requires new ideas, thoughts and direction. The gift of triumphs from our ancestors provides us a platform to reach new heights, building upon their accomplishments. In their honor, we move forward together, toward a society free of oppression. For Jeff change is constant. He can be found out in the community with his partner chasing two young kids, bouncing a basketball or trying out a new restaurant.

Lacey Sinn

Program Specialist

When women, girls, men and boys are equally free to live without fear, to live a life free of violence, we will have achieved our mission. Lacey believes by working together we will create the change essential to building a future without violence. She loves her dog Ruger, spending time in the outdoors, with family and friends.

Laura Diaz

Office Assistant

Laura is an adventurous, active Latina who loves animals. She enjoys the thrill of life by trying new things, and is at peace when outdoors, especially when she finds herself at the beach. She is passionate about social justice in all forms and has a strong sense of calling when it comes to uplifting marginalized voices that are impacted by gender/intimate partner violence. She thrives in her writing skills, and aspires to continue towards shifting and creating positive social change in the state.

Micaela Ríos Anguiano

Senior Program Specialist

Micaela is a social justice advocate and activist who works across issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. She commits to uplifting the voices and histories of those impacted by generational trauma, violence and oppression. Micaela takes pride in her Mexican roots, history, culture and ancestral healing wisdom. She’s on a journey toward grounding her own truth and power and serves as a vessel in others’ healing and liberation.

Tanisha Jae Newton

College Intern

Empowerment is absolutely contagious. Once one finds liberation, their presence begins to spread hope, healing, and wholeness. By cultivating this empowerment, Nisha aspires to co-populate a world of liberation for all of us. After graduating from Boise State as an educator, she hopes to move abroad, continuing her work in teaching & social justice activism.

Yara Slaton

Program Specialist

In the words of Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.” Knowledge and awareness are a critical step in our journey to a world free of violence. Yara enjoys spending time with her daughter, adores all things pink (and chocolate!), and just completed her bachelor’s at Boise State University in International Business. She is passionate about ending poverty and addressing the structural oppressions of capitalism.


Youth Activist

In the words of Angela Davis, “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” Charlotte became involved in her community when she realized that she doesn’t have to just sit and accept all the choices adults make. She started a club at her school that educated students and faculty about the changes that queer youth of color want. Charlotte loves poetry and jazz music, one of her favorite artists is Nina Simone.


Youth Activist

Jessica is a student, leader, and organizer. As a student, Jessica is constantly learning more about herself, her community, and how she can improve the lack of youth engagement in her community. As an organizer, she strives to recognize, educate, and empower youth and increase their access to resources. As a leader, she is committed to volunteering and teaching youth in low-income communities about healthy lifestyle choices. As a Mexican-American, Jessica stands strong, loud, and firm for herself and her people.


Youth Activist

As a young woman of color, Layla believes the root of all liberation is melanin and compassion. Layla is an avid consumer of the arts and finds her message to be best conveyed through poetry. She enjoys R&B music, using social media as a means to further her activism, astrology, and being a Pisces. For Layla, to be soft is to be powerful and she practices that in every setting.